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With more than 25 years of medical experience, Bill Fisher, DO, has been an involved member of the medical community in Central Illinois since opening Pekin Family Practice in 1991. His vision has been to create a comprehensive center for patient wellness and health. In 2011, he created a cash-based company, Innovative Medical Therapies, to include cosmetic and skin care services, and added the New Direction Weight Loss and Management program along with bioidentical hormone optimization services in 2015. The Femilift laser for vaginal rejuvenation and stress urinary incontinence arrived in 2016, and Direct Patient Care is launching in 2019.

After working within a large hospital environment for two years, Dr. Fisher became disillusioned with the hurried, impersonal approach that corporate medicine demands. He saw his patients shuffled to nurse clinics or urgent care departments in the interest of pushing more patient volume through the day. Office visits were limited in time and scope, often only covering one concern due to lack of insurance reimbursement. The control and management of health had changed from doctor/patient cooperation to one of the corporate and government-mandated rules. He saw many of his peers retire or leave their profession due to undue stress and lack of reward. Decreasing reimbursement and increasing administrative requirements from the insurance made private practice unaffordable. The time had come to change back to a simpler approach.

In the summer of 2018, Dr. Fisher was introduced to that approach: Direct Primary Care. After researching the concept of a no-insurance practice, he chose to transition to that model. He loves spending time with his patients, getting to know them and their families, and having the freedom to treat ALL of their concerns in one visit. Dr. Fisher is absolutely convinced that the Direct Primary Care model of practicing medicine is the only path that allows him to care for his patients in a simple and comprehensive manner.

Dr. Fisher’s own words: “The Phoenix is a mythological bird said to die every 500 years, to be consumed by fire within its own nest, and then to rise again from the ashes. I feel that the practice of medicine has been consumed by the “fire” of insurance and government influence, but is now rising to a new level of care in the DPC model; hence, the image of the Phoenix for my logo. I want to practice medicine again and to care for my patients the way they deserve to be cared for. I invite you to return to Family Practice as it should be, as it rises from the ashes. Join the Direct Primary Care healthcare revolution – you’ll not be sorry!”



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