Frequently Asked Questions about DPC

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Does DPC accept health insurance?

No. The only way DPC can offer affordable care is by NOT taking insurance. A high percentage of your medical care dollars goes to pay for the red tape, denials, rules and restrictions insurance companies inflict on your doctors.

Is DPC another form of health insurance?

No. DPC is a healthcare service. Similar to a swimming pool maintenance or HVAC maintenance service, DPC is your health maintenance service.

Do I still need insurance?

Yes. DPC covers your primary care needs, which amount to about 80% – 90% of your healthcare dollars, but you will still need to be covered for major medical needs such as serious illness or accidents. Many people choose a higher deductible plan; the savings in premium often cover the membership fees of DPC.

Do you provide superbills for us to send to our insurance?

One of the reasons we are able to provide medical care for a reasonable fee is that we are avoiding the costs of insurance arguments. Insurance will tell patients that their claim would have been covered if the office had coded the claim correctly. Patients bring such concerns back to the office, necessitating employee time in phone calls, coding research, etc. We have chosen to decline participation in any insurance process, including superbills.

What if I need to be admitted to the hospital or be seen by a specialist?

The DPC model of unfettered access to your doctor can vastly reduce the need for urgent care and hospitalization. In instances where that care is required, we work with hospitalists during your hospital stay as well as work closely with specialists. In some cases, your medical needs may require specialists to manage your treatment. Those events are billed to your insurance by the specialist or hospital.

Am I required to sign a contract that commits me to a certain time frame?

We have a patient agreement, but it renews on a monthly basis. You may disenroll at any time with 24 hours’ notice. Any services provided within the month would be subtracted from the refund issued.

May I restart my membership if I cancel?

Yes, we do allow re-enrollment but there would be a re-enrollment fee of $200 per member

Is this like “concierge” medicine?

A little, but without the high price tag… or valet parking! We provide a concierge level of service to all members but try to make things affordable for people of all incomes, with or without insurance.

What are the benefits

  • No Co-Pays
  • No Deductibles
  • Discounted Labs
  • Discounted Medications
  • Home Visits, When Necessary
  • Longer Appointment Times
  • Direct Access to Physician
  • Reasonable Cost
  • Subscription Renewed Monthly

A cost-effective way to get care if you are without health insurance or have a high deductible.

A new way to get your “bread and butter” healthcare needs met for a monthly fee/subscription.

Get after-hours accessibility to your Family Practice physician via phone, email, Facetime or other means of communication.

Lab testing is negotiated to a significantly lower cost, as are more extensive in-office surgeries, such as skin cancer removals and vasectomies.


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